Hundreds Pack Times Square for Mario 3D Launch


Video game fans brave the cold to join event promoting release of Super Mario 3D Land

Pet Hospital Opens With Hot Dog Contest


Brooklyn’s newest pet hospital opens with dog contest and visit from hot dog eating champ

Residents Turn Over Guns at NYPD’s Buyback


Local residents support NYPD’s Gun Buyback Initiative in Central Brooklyn, turn in dozens of guns of in return for cash.

How Will the Barclay’s Center Affect its Brooklyn Neighborhood

Sometimes when Anne and Adam are walking past the construction at Barclay Center Arena in central Brooklyn, they see rats – lots of them. The rats cross the streets or crawl around trash cans, in families,…

Brooklyn Turns Containers Into Shops


Dekalb Market converted unused shipping containers into a small village of eateries, craft shops, and performance spaces

NBA Lockout’s Effect on Store Sales

MIDTOWN MANHATTAN – Stores around Madison Square Garden usually experience a boom in business during the NBA season. But due to the NBA lockout in its fifth week, some neighboring stores are feeling the financial pressure….

Runners Gear Up at Marathon Expo


FIRST TAKE student reporters learn what preparations marathoners make ahead of November race

Nightmare Snowstorm Doesn’t Dampen Halloween Spirits

DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN – Despite the uncharacteristic October snowstorm, shoppers came out to do some last minute searching for costumes before the Monday Halloween holiday. At Ricky’s NYC in Brooklyn Heights, sales associate Shaun Pettigrew, 19, from…

Do Occupiers Really Represent the 99%?


Protesters say they are a more diverse group than the public realizes.

Protesters Brave the Rain, Snow and Wind


Winter conditions give Wall Street occupiers serious test of their resolve

White House Holds Anti-Bullying Summit


Conference raises awareness about teen bullying, specifically against Asian Americans

Protesters at Zuccotti Park!


Protesters at Zuccotti Park claim that they’re the 99% but their ranks lack diversity. FIRST TAKE students took pictures of the protesters, their outdoor operation, plus their signs and paraphernalia.