Hijab & Fashion Mainstream

It is generally perceived, that a woman’s hair is her beauty, but in many other cultures women have kept their hair covered. In the Islamic faith, females cover their heads with a garment known as the hijab because… Read More

City Public Schools Conform to America’s Transgender Restroom Policy

The transgender community is advancing in the public sphere, becoming more visible in the fashion industry, on live streaming shows like Orange is the New Black, and even on Facebook with their custom gender option. Unfortunately, the transgender… Read More

Career choices and expectation leave many first generation high school students torn

For many students, the pressure from parents — and increasing pressure from education policy — to pick a career related to science, technology, engineering or math, poses a challenge if they want to pursue a profession in the… Read More

Teachers engage students to do their part in fighting Climate Change

Amy White Graves’ Brooklyn children’s theater group usually stages plays about folktales and lessons on morality. But after Superstorm Sandy, the troupe felt the need to also educate children about the environment. Since 2012, Graves and her fellow… Read More

As Natural Hair Grows, the Beauty Industry Adjusts Accordingly

The natural hair movement has become increasingly popular among women in the black community. It’s more common to see women of African descent rocking their natural curls, whether they be tight or loose, or wearing protective hair styles… Read More

High school Students Consider HBCU vs. PWI

High school students are considering their college choices closely following the University of Missouri racial incidents. The question of whether to attend a Historically Black College (HBCU) or Predominantly White College (PWI) as it relates to a college… Read More

Girls Can STEM! Programs Encourage Girls To Explore Science and Computer Careers

  Young girls across the world who lack support in Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) careers can turn to organizations to lessen the stigma with the lack of gender diversity. There are minimal women in STEM, but… Read More

Short Hair Don’t Care: Women Do the ‘Big Chop’ Going Natural

Hair and beauty have always gone hand in hand. Black women have embraced many ways of styling their hair. And with today’s natural hair movement, women are cutting their hair as a form of uplifting themselves.  Cassandra Drew, an… Read More

Mentoring Program Boosts Young Men of Color

The mentoring organization Alpha GENTS was created to help young men develop skills that will aid them in becoming productive, responsible and successful men in society. Brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity founded the group to serve as… Read More

Messages of Hope on T-Shirts: The Clothesline Project Brings Awareness to Domestic Violence

On the second floor of Edward R. Murrow High School, students gathered in a room adorned with T-shirts hanging by a clothesline. But these weren’t typical T-shirts with advertisements or catchy slogans _ this collection of clothing bore… Read More

Some teens fall out of practice with religion

Throughout elementary school, Sharifa Esha consistently attended services at her local mosque in Brooklyn. Despite her devotion, in seventh grade she began questioning her religion after another classmate criticized it. Today, she doesn’t pray daily, say grace, or… Read More

Making a Difference: How Teens are Changing the World

When 16-year-old Juliana Durrant found out that developers wanted to build a hotel in her quiet Cambria Heights neighborhood in Queens, NY, she put her foot down. “Putting a hotel there would get very hectic,” says Durrant, who… Read More

American school girls inspired by Pakistani education activist

Malala Yousafzai visited a NYC girls high school with a message for them to challenge their limitations Masuma Ali lives in Jamaica, Queens with her four sisters and brother. Her parents immigrated the family to the United States… Read More

Too young to consent

Teen boys are often unaware when they’ve been a victim of — or perpetrator of — sexual violence Justin R. was 15 when a 21-year-old woman seduced him and had sexual intercourse with him at her apartment. It… Read More

Tough local economy makes the military a viable option for high school grads

The current generation is faced with new choices as education costs rise and U.S. wars wind down Senior year of high school marks a very critical time for a teenager when it comes to planning future goals. Some… Read More

Muslim teens develop thick skin against racism

Students endure far more bullying than they ever report One morning a 17-year-old student woke up to a vile sign of anti-semitism, swastikas scrawled on his family’s car in Bellerose, Queens even though he’s Muslim and his roots… Read More