Brooklyn BP proposes ferry plan to serve residents in transit deserts

In October, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams proposed changes to the New York City Economic Development Corporation’s 2012 Citywide Ferry Plan. Adams’ changes could result in faster transportation for commuters in Southern Brooklyn. The current plan, backed by… Read More

New York City Limits Street Vending Permits

Street vendors want the cap on licenses and permits lifted.

Islanders make the move to Brooklyn — will the fans follow?

The relocation of the New York Islanders may have cost them some fans, but the team is hoping to gain several new ones.

Teens Find Restrictions Trying to Hang At the Atlantic Mall

The Atlantic Terminal Mall has become a hotspot for teens to hang out after school, but some shop owners and security see the teens as a nuisance so they instituted rules to keep teens out of the mall… Read More

Astoria mosque struggles to stay open, due to its success

Growing muslim population forces neighborhood mosque to manage fundraising and expansion challenges The Al-Iman mosque in Queens has been dealing with a recent increase in the community’s Islamic population and they are fighting to accommodate all of them…. Read More

Pedestrians who text are an increasing hazard for drivers

People look down at their phones to text, watch a video on YouTube, play Candy Crush and for many other reasons. While this may not be a problem for anyone sitting at home on a couch, it is… Read More

Sandy has us gassed out

As drivers recover from Superstorm Sandy, gas station owners no longer have to worry about long lines and frustrated customers fighting for gas.