Syrian Refugees are at Risk

Former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush had spoke out his own opinion about the Syrian refugees. He agrees that Syrian refugees should  come to America despite the bomb and shooting attacks in Paris, France. Republican Donald Trump highly… Read More

Officer Offers Shoes to a Homeless Girl

A Temecula police officer by the name of Bruce Pierson had use his act of kindness to help out a 18 year old homeless girl. The girl had been hanging around Promenade mall when the Pierson approached her. He… Read More

Illinois Officer Died of Shooting or Suicide?

In Northern Illinois, the police are investigating  the case about an officer’s death. The death of lieutenant Charles J. Gliniewicz had happen on September 1, when he radio called for back up near Highway 12 as he was… Read More

Ariana Grande Has All “Focus” On Her!

   Focus Music Video ~ Ariana Grande      With the debut of her first fragrance, traveling the world on her world tour, and is soon to be the newest face of the Viva Glam campaign for Mac,… Read More

Violent Security Guard Attacks High School Student

In a recent week, in a school in South Caroline by the name of Spring Valley High School in Columbia, had face a disturbing matter of a security guard attacking the 16 years old girl. There had been… Read More

Is Kanye West’s Clothing Really Worth its Heavy Price Tag?

  This week, the most interesting story I read was on complex titled “The Internet Thinks Kanye West’s Pricey Yeezy Season 1 Clothes Are Perfect for the Zombie Apocalypse”. Some People are bashing on how ugly it is…. Read More

Sesame Street Welcomes Their First Autistic Character, Julia!

For 46 years, Sesame Street has influenced the hearts and minds of children. Through the television screen, whimsical puppets and catchy songs taught children the alphabet and how to count. Now Sesame Street is presenting a new lesson for… Read More

A Small Indiana Town Scarred by a Trusted Doctor

It’s crazy how you can trust a person so much then to found out that they have failed you. A doctor in Munster, Indian is being sued by two patients. One of his patients, Mrs. Davidson, one day… Read More

Blood Exchange For Freedom for Offenders

On September 17, 2015, there had been a hearing at a courthouse with Judge Marvin Wiggins’ in charge of it. The hearing was for offender in the cases of drug possession, assault, hunting after dark etc. He had… Read More

Racist knew his rights.

Subway, Eat Fresh?

Apparently the meat is not so “fresh” in a Subway restaurant in Oregon. On October 6th, 2015, Armstead and his friend Matt Jones found a little extra meat in Armstead’s Subway sandwich — a dead mouse. The dead mouse… Read More

EU and Turkey to discuss ongoing Migrant Crisis.

European and Turkish officials are set to discuss the ongoing migrant crisis in Brussels. Since the Syrian Civil War 3 million refuges have fled to the meditteraen nations of Lebanon, Turkey, and Jordan to escape the bloodshed ongoing… Read More

U.S Extends Presence in Afghanistan,5,500 troops to be there.

5,500 troops will have a presence in Afghanistan starting in 2016 to counter the resurgent Taliban threat according to the U.S Government. President Obama is expected to outline his plan for the troop increases in the near future…. Read More

Exploitation of Sex Trafficking Nationwide is about 149 Children Victims

Nationwide Police cracking down the case of sex trafficking in the U.S. Many children are in the position where they can’t get out of so with the help of the police these children can be saved from the… Read More

Ohio Sophomore Committed Suicide After School’s Staff Offended Him A honor school student Hayden Long , a sophomore in Geneva High,OH had committed suicide recently. Mr. Long committed this act because at his school’s homecoming dance many students were suspicious about him and from reporters 5… Read More

Kobe Mentoring ??

Its Ironic to think the ball hog Kobe Bryant would be mentoring another player . Kobe has been mentoring the new pick on the team D’angelo Russell the prodigy out of the Ohio state University . The active… Read More

Medical History made at University of NYC Hospital.

Teams of faculty physicians from the University of New York School of Medicine made medical history Today by performing the first face transplant in the State of New York. Dr Ricardo Rodriguez led the team of 150 doctors… Read More

Dear White People, Dread Lock Edition

Caycee Cunningham, a 8th grader at Lincoln academy has apparently never heard of embracing what she was born with, which happens to be straight blonde hair. Case in point: Caycee, a white american, sports dreads. While there are… Read More

Tourists Can Kiss the Revlon ‘Kiss- Cam’ Goodbye

In the heart of New York City, tourists constantly flock to Times Square to experience almost everything New York has to offer. Tourist took great delight in the large Revlon “Kiss Cam”. The “Kiss Cam” allows all who are “selfie consumed”… Read More

MTA controversial “Poltical Ad Ban” deemed Illegal by Judge

“The Muslims are Coming” is a tounge in cheek stand up comedy documentary film by two Muslim American comedians. Dean Obidullah and Nergin Farshad who travel across the country by countering stereotypes of Islam through the art of… Read More

Skulls On the Planet Mars

Website: Huffington Post Author: Ed Mazza Several years ago, a panoramic camera on the Spirit rover had taken a picture of Mars. The photo had shown a humanoid skull on the surface of Mars. There had been other… Read More

Anna Todd is Happily Ever “After”: From the Computer screens to Book Shelves

From the computer screens to book shelves, all across the country, Anna Todd is making headlines. Writing a fan-fiction on one of  her favorite bands, One Direction; Anna Todd has made a story about Harry Styles and good… Read More


SOUTH HUNTINGTON, N.Y. (KABC) — While high school freshman Jeffrey Kaji is physically at home, he’s able to get around his South Huntington, New York high school via a “telepresence” device, answering questions in class, even having lunch… Read More

Another Quarantine For Hickox

When Kaci Hickox returned back to the US from West Africa, she had to undergo mandated quarantine. Health care workers who come from the regions where the deadly Ebola disease is prevalent are commonly subjected to such measures…. Read More

Fourteen Year Old Girl At Fault, Lawyer Says

A Los Angeles lawyer who had been defending a sexual abuse lawsuit claimed the 14 year old girl  involved in the case was consensus, arousing criticisms from various people.                  … Read More

syria’s own little superman

Turns out there’s no age limit to being brave and being the hero of the day. In Syria a 10 year old boy risked his own life to save a girl hiding under a car from gunfire. He… Read More

Queens mom uses app to track down son, finds him in police station

Wondering if your child is up to no good? There’s an app for that. A Queens mom used an app on her T-Mobile smart phone to track down her teenage son on Halloween night — and suffered quite… Read More

Man Taunted in Wild F Train Brawl: I’m Horrified I Had to Hit a Woman

A man who was mocked about his coat on a subway last weekend and walloped in the face with a high-heeled shoe in a wild brawl that ensued says he’s “horrified” he had to hit a woman, but… Read More

The Story Of ‘Amityville Horror House’ Fourty Years Ago

Website: Aolnews Fourty years ago on November 14, 1947, the infamous murder had taken place in a house on Amityville, Long Island. The person who was response crime was 23-year-old Ronald DeFeo. He had killed his family and… Read More

Playing Music Gives Brains A ‘Full Body Workout,’ Says Science

In this video presentations, it explains how new studies show that playing a musical instrument actually stimulates the brain in so many different ways. These studies started off small where the scientist studied a brain in real time… Read More