Walkers Raise Funds to Find a Cure for Alzheimer’s Disease

An energetic and cheerful crowd participated in the 30th annual Walk to End Alzheimer’s at South Street Seaports on Saturday.
People came together to show their support to find a cure to the Alzheimer’s Disease. Almost every walker held a brightly colored spinning fan to help show their support, each color representing why they were there: blue for those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, purple for those who had lost a family member or friend to the disease, yellow for those supporting a person who has the disease and orange for those that were simply showing their support.
There were twin walks in Brooklyn on Cadman Plaza Park as well as at the South Street Seaport. The idea, conceived by the New York chapter for the Alzheimer’s Association, so participants would see each other on the Brooklyn Bridge before turning around, connecting together to find a cure.
The combined events attracted 3,600 participants, mostly on the Manhattan side. The financial goal was to raise $350,000, but was surpassed, reaching about $436,000 between team, participants and sponsor donations.
Within the Manhattan walk, around 400 teams participated, one of them being led by Valerie Guido, a team leader and four-year participant. Guido has been walking for a cure to Alzheimer’s for six years altogether, four years in New York after moving to the area. She began walking for her grandmother, who battled Alzheimer’s for 16 years.
“I wanted to be her voice when she couldn’t use her own,” she said.