Syrian Refugees are at Risk

Former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush had spoke out his own opinion about the Syrian refugees. He agrees that Syrian refugees should  come to America despite the bomb and shooting attacks in Paris, France. Republican Donald Trump highly disagree on what  Bush has to say about the refugees and he is not the only one. Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie agrees with about the refugee shouldn’t be entering America, he wouldn’t even let a single child come to America.

Bush had enter the role of looking after the immigrants reform but people don’t seem to take this word seriously or think that they don’t agree with what he is saying in which he doesn’t have the highest vote on the polls.

“The challenge is that other candidates like Donald Trump are getting a lot of political traction with Republican voters by just simply saying ‘Hell no.’”said Republican strategist Ron Bonjean but he does agree with Bush.

Bush also wants to inform people that America should have a strategy on how to handling the refugees so that the situation is Paris doesn’t happen in America . He also wasn’t influenced that Trump or Carson can be able to enforce the important of this situation. However people are still agree to the circumstance that Trump have put out.

Last year Texas Senator Ted Cruz had said that he doesn’t have a problem with the refugee as he had the same claim as Bush and how they would take care of them but after the attack in Paris, ISIS have given the refugees a bad name as Cruz is now appose to the idea of time stepping foot in America