Kids in New York Honor Veterans

New York-area Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts polished a war memorial monument in Madison Square Park ahead of Veterans Day to honor military personnel.

The kids were ecstatic as a NYFD fireman helped them use a firehose to spray the stone and iron statue.

“I got goosebumps from the kids coming out and cleaning the monument,” said Jeff Swansen a Navy veteran that was a part of the event.

The Eternal Light monument helps the community remember the veterans that have passed and the men and women that are still serving till this day. The monument is a part of the opening ceremony of the Veteran’s Day parade.

Some of the firefighters came out to participate in this deed. They helped by letting the boy scouts and girl scouts use their hose to wash the monument.

People that were passing by look very interested and amused to see the kids, veterans and the firefighters doing this.

Pack 520 leader Jeanette Perron says that this is a great for teaching the kids on how to give back and learning about why there here. After that we wanted to get some opinions from the boy scouts themselves.

Gage Delgado says that he loves to see other people smile. Jason Browner says that he loved cleaning the monument and likes to help others.

Commander Corey Barker that its great to see the kids take an initiative to come and clean the monument. He also says it maintains freedom. He also says he been getting a tremendous amount of support for what he is doing.

The co-leader of the girl scouts Pamela Crowell says its a good thing they are doing this because its a learning lesson to the children. She also says it teaches the kids to appreciate the country . The way they found about this is that the head troop leader said that she called her to tell them that they are going to that. There girl scout headquarters is located 0n 114 broadway across from Colombia university.

Then we spoke to her 13 year old daughter Victoria she said she loved showing her support because her father is a veteran of the war. She said she really didn’t want to do it but when she thought about it she said that she has to give back to the people who protect and serve her.