Discovery Museum opens Star Wars costumes exhibit

Discovery Times Square debuted the Smithsonian Traveling Exhibition “Star Wars and The Power of Costume: The Exhibition” on Saturday. Debuting just weeks before the highly anticipated “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” movie, the exhibition linked all of the “Star Wars” episodes together.

This international phenomena brought an enthusiastic crowd. Tickets, which start at $20, sold out in under two hours. Fans expressed they plan on coming back. The exhibit will be open until September 2016.

The exhibition was varied with a display of 3D holograms, fabrics to touch, detailed costumes, and a short explanation of the “Star Wars” saga. The exhibition showed new elements of the creation of the movies that fascinated the Star Wars’ fans. The exhibition emphasised the costumes and the process that resulted in the final product which went from the workshops to the big screens.

Walter Huanan, a fan of the Jedi costumes on diplay, flew from Peru to photograph this exhibit. “This is an amazing exhibit, I would love to live here” he said.

Hal Beerman, another fan, spent the weekend in the city. He saw posters for the exhibition and decided he had to go. “I’ve been watching since I was 8 years old, so for about 30 years. It’s something that I always enjoyed as a little boy,” he said. When asked if he was going to be watching the new movie, he replied, “Absolutely, on December 17th, I have my tickets already!”

The event was filled with all different age groups. Father and son Chris and Justin Poick both enjoyed the exhibition. “It was very cool to see all the details and craftsmanship, said Chris, the dad. “My favorite costume was probably the plane pilots. All the details were amazing. You can’t always tell in the movies”

The exhibit also showed the influence that Westerns and 1930s styles had on the costume artists’ decisions. Visitors could see how Padme’s elaborate outfits were inspired by various fashions in history, and how Han Solo’s simplistic clothes were inspired by Westerns.

The exhibit also described the making of the clothes. For example, the nightgown worn by Anakin’s mother at Tatooine took more than a month to make because of the yards of silk that it required. Fans had access to other behind-the-scenes details.