14th annual Holiday Train Show at Grand Central Terminal

The 14th annual Holiday Train Show at Grand Central Terminal kicked off Saturday showcasing a model railroad exhibition.

Dozens flocked to the New York Transit Museum, housed inside the transportation hub, to get a look at the popular attraction, which this year features Metro-North, New York Central, and subway trains departing from a miniature Grand Central Terminal. As part of the display, trains zoom on winding tracks and past various miniature businesses on a 34-footlong, two-level layout.

“I came here today because of my 3-year-old son’s interest for trains, and simply because it’s free,” said Matt Scott, an attorney, of Brooklyn.

Nearby, his son eagerly stared at trains humming by. “I love this,” the toddler said.

The exhibit looked like an urban winter wonderland and included a miniature New York City skyline—complete with the Empire State Building and King Kong. Trains also sped past replica tool shops, sporting good stores, and even a Hard Rock Café

Some children, delighted by the sights, pressed their small hands and faces onto the glass panes surrounding the railroad. Others took pictures with the models while admiring New York City’s transportation system.

“Mommy look, look,” one thrilled child, squealed.

Tanvear A., a mother of three who declined to give her full name, said visiting the exhibit as become a favorite family pastime.

“I’ve taken my kids here over 20 times,” she said. “My kids think it’s amazing. I personally believe it’s fun, and a great indoors activity especially in this cold weather.”

But, for some who came alone, it wasn’t all about bringing the kids out.

Thomas Gormly, 73, of Rochester N.Y. , said he visited to get a sense of comfort.

“I come twice a year and in my spare time I attend the library, High Line, and transit exhibits,” he said. “I have a strong interest for trains because growing up as a kid my interest for trains sparked from living next to the Baltimore and Central Train lines. So in a way, it reminds me of home.”