Officer Offers Shoes to a Homeless Girl

A Temecula police officer by the name of Bruce Pierson had use his act of kindness to help out a 18 year old homeless girl. The girl had been hanging around Promenade mall when the Pierson approached her. He was questioning because she was too close and suspicious looking in-front of park cars. The girl by the name of Franki explained that she needed some shade and she told him that she gets that support by being near the car, the officer notice that Franki was bare feet. At the moment he decide to take her into the Payless Shoe-store in the mall to buy her a pair of uses.

Other customer had notices what Pierson was doing as they decide to help out, one person have the Pierson money so that he could give it to Franki while she picking out her store and another person offer she to buy a second pair of shoes. Franki was have grateful that she started to cry as her shoes were being purchased.

Franki had told the Pierson that she was homeless and lives on the street with her boyfriend and two dogs. She had been homeless since the age of 12 and was also pregnant at that time but unfortunately she had loss the baby.

Once Pierson return to he home, he told his wife about he what had done and she gather up some supplies to give it her and Pierson help Franki by getting familiar with with an organization that help out the homeless  and try to end homelessness which is call Project Touch.

Some had caught on camera Pier nice act and it when viral and he also stunned cause hadn’t know about that until she family and friend told him.   He just hope that everybody could do the same for people that are in need of help.