U.S. release of Yo-Kai video game promoted at Nintendo World, NYC

The Nintendo World store in Rockefeller Center, Manhattan, was packed with enthusiastic game lovers for the release of Yo Kai Watch, a video game that is already popular in Japan.

At the store’s entrance, there was a Nintendo contest with various exhibits of game characters and items relating to Yo-Kai.

To make this more exciting for visitors, especially kids, group leaders and volunteers organized  group dances which was performed every fifteen minutes which kept everyone entertained.

Game lover, Winston Lewis,  says, “his favorite part of the game is the power that the characters possess.” The 8 year-old says, “it is different than other games because in Pokemon games, they don’t have those types of powers.”

The new game, which lets one player attempt to befriend Yo-Kai, is not only for kids, but, “the game is for all ages,” says Krysta Yang, Assistant Manager of P.R for Nintendo of America.

The twist behind the game is that the player can participate as a boy or girl who gains the ability to see various spirits called Yo-Kai. The mission of the game is for players to collect and fight Yo-Kai in order to protect the innocent from spirits.

Angel Tiong, says it is not her first time playing this game. “It is fun and interesting. The difficult part is trying to beat your enemies. It is different from other video games in the past, based on the story line.”