Illinois Officer Died of Shooting or Suicide?

In Northern Illinois, the police are investigating  the case about an officer’s death. The death of lieutenant Charles J. Gliniewicz had happen on September 1, when he radio called for back up near Highway 12 as he was chasing after three suspect for a crime. When other officers arrived to the scene, they saw lieutenant Gliniewiecz had been shot died with his gun nearby. The following police had track down a one of the suspect that the Gliniewicz was chasing down.

A month after is death investigators looked careful at the evidence of the event as they came to the conclusion that Gliniewicz had committed suicide. Commander George Filenko of the Lake County Major Crime Task Force had said there are  ”   “an overwhelming amount of evidence that Gliniewicz’s death was a carefully staged suicide,”

There reason why Filenko  thinks that Gilniewiez committed suicide was because he had stole and launder money from his own police force as he wrote down another people’s name down to give him access to the money. As a result for the officers to find out the true he took his own life.

“Gliniewicz committed the ultimate betrayal to the citizens he served”  said Commander Filenko

Gliniewicz’s wife as beg to differ about her husband taking his life as investigators also revealed that he was shot twice in the chest and head. The one shot to his head was the cause of his death.